2015 was a breakthrough year for India in more ways than one.Why do i say so? Well 2015 was the first time when India’s rate of growth exceeded China’s in more than 40 years!Political hyperbole aside this was an important landmark that india finally achieved after being in the dragon’s shadow for nearly half a century.Consider this-India’s GDP was almost equal to China’s till 1980, while in 2015 it was only 20% of china’s.Such has been China’s  dramatic rise that it has completely paled what India has done in the past 25 years.Aided by chinese slowdown and a resurgent indian economy,India finally did what it had not been able to do in 40 years.

Today China’s economy is around 60% of United State’s economy and it has already started positioning itself as the principal challenger to american might in asia and beyond.We shouldn’t at all be surprised that perhaps after so many years of keeping it self in the background China finally thinks its time has come.So the obvious question comes to an indian mind that when would india’s time come?How long before we get the respect we think we deserve.Some patronising Europeans(and some indians as well) think  india’s quest for its rightful place is an ego/fantasy of india’s elite and fascinations of right-wing loonies, well they are dead wrong PERIOD! (as always).  


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